let me share with you a short story. 

Jesus had been lain in the tomb and was under guard because the suits were afraid that without guards, the body would be stolen, the disciples could say anything they wanted, and the prophesy fulfilled. But when the women came to the tomb three days after He was lain within, they were met by an angel sitting on the tombs stone. The stone had been rolled back. The women were astonished and the angel asked them a very important question: “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here.” 

The lesson is that too often we too look for the living amongst the dead. 

I’ve met a number of people in my life who are in relationships, situation-ships, and any number of other ships. They’ve bought their tickets and refuse to exit the ship even when it is sinking. They have had conversations with me regarding the boyfriend they absolutely love and that girl they can’t see a future without. The love they feel is genuine and perhaps even pure. It’s a relationship that lasted a very long time and they have invested a significant amount of time and effort into building it. The problem is that the love has become one sided and is not being returned. The love they both once worked so hard to foster, be good stewards of and seek to grow has stopped. One is working hard and the other is not. 

“But I’m in love with her!” He shouts. “But he said he still wants to be with me!” She cries. 

Being IN love is like being inside a house. Imagine the two I’m talking about are a person and a house. The two are made one by being inside the home. If you are not inside the home, you are simply standing outside. Two bodies. Apart. Separate. Only when you enter the home do you both together become a combined unit. So there may well be love for the house. There may be a lot of reasons to love the façade and the lovely windows and the well manicured lawn. But until you are inside the home it’s a one sided relationship.  The house doesn’t have a bed for you. It doesn’t give you access to the kitchen for warm food. The bathroom offers no space for you to cleanse yourself. It may be able to. The house may be willing to. Perhaps even anxious to. But if the two remain separate, there is no relationship. Again, you may love the house, but you are not IN the house to grow that love. 

So that relationship or situation-ship that is clearly one sided and is not symbiotic or growing either party. The girl is mad he won’t say “I love you” back even though she says it dry day. The guy is mad she won’t show him affection though he just knows he has shown her he loves her. There may have been a time that she was in his “house” or she was in his. But no longer. No. It’s not easy to let that go. She has her clothes the closet. He has his toothbrush on the sink. They both have dirty laundry in the washing machine getting moldy. But someone left the house and the relationship is no longer clear. The relationship between them is dead or nearly so. There’s no avenue to restore it to life because someone stopped trying to feed the relationship. The food in the fridge is gone. The gas bill hasn’t been paid and the water is shut off. No life is anywhere to be found. 

So what does this have to do with the stone and Jesus’ grave? I’m glad you asked. 

Like these women of the bible many of us are just like them. Looking for the living among the dead. They came to the tomb fully expecting to see a stone blocking their path and a dead body inside. They even discussed what will they do when they got there. How could they move the stone? They weren’t sure how, but they went anyway. Many of us go to that house unsure how we are going to open the garage door or unlock the front door. We go without a plan or the ability or for that matter the permission to re-enter the house. The desire to go in is only coming from one side and the obstacle is still there. But we go anyway. Sure that we will somehow convince the one still in the house that it’s okay to let him or her back in. Just open the door or toss a key down. We can do the rest. But the fact is the one inside the house hasn’t opened any windows. Thre hasn’t been any thought about unlocking the door and the garages still sealed shut. 

In other words: The relationship is dead. 

Why look for the living among the dead? Is there a point to continuing to force your desire for relationship when clearly you are the only one who is? Is there any reason to look for a living breathing relationship in a dead place? I would argue that when the relationship is one sided and there is no response that gives hope of life, move on to the places where the living are. I know it’s hard. I know it’s not what you want to do. I know that you would rather go with the monster you know than the one you don’t know. But the relationship is dead. The door is shut. The way is blocked. There is nothing but the dead here. 

The good news is that the is an entire planet of people who don’t know you yet. Who actually might love to get to know you. Who don’t know how wonderful of a person you still are. And frankly you don’t know them yet either. What are you waiting for? Rejoin the living and seek the relationship God has intended for you. God doesn’t want you to seek the living among the dead. He wants you to have life and to have it more abundantly. 

Live again. Look for the living in the places where there are the living. Learn to live again.