Can you make God sing?

Zephaniah 3:17

This passage, taken out of context, talks about the might of God and where he dwells which is with us. In my mind this raises the question: am I living in such a way that God would joyfully indwell with me? 

What about my life would cause the mighty God to find joy in my living? The songwriter wrote that we don’t want to live in vain. Am I living for myself or for God?  This isn’t to say that I’m proselytizing or forcing folk to change their ways. In fact, God asks us to love the hell out of one another. Nowhere in the Bible am I aware of God asking us to beat the hell out of someone. We are to live in such a way that others would ask what is it that makes our life so bright that the little light inside shines so bright? I believe this is where God would find joy in dwelling with us. 

So when he dwells with us, there he can find rest. In other parts of the Bible we find scripture that allows us to find rest in the Lord, and this seems to be a reciprocal or reasonable response by the disciple. To rest in him and he in us. But only where we have love. Love is where the lord is for the lord is love. 

And in love the lord will sing. I tag my email and some letters with this:

I do not sing because I am happy

I am happy because I sing. 

Song is a very strong evidence that joy is in my heart and that I feel love. This scripture teaches that where the lord finds joy and rest in dwelling with us, he will sing.