Lasting victory

So last night I and millions of other basketball fans witnessed history. The Univeristy of Connecticut lady huskies won their 4th straight, eleventh overall ncaa championship. They way they dominated all season, and all of recent memory wasn’t lost on me.  What I found most amazing didn’t come to mind until today. 

I spoke briefly with a friend reminiscing about last nights game and I recounted their string of championships. It occurs to me that this graduating class of women has never known defeat. 

This graduating class of women has never known defeat. Let that sink in. 

This. Graduating. Class. Of. Women. Has. NEVER. Known. Defeat. 

This is not only rare. It is not only unprecedented. It is not only history making. It not only assumes legacy stature. It not only assures that some or all of these women can easily see themselves in WNBA garb in a years time. 

This Four-Pete will pay dividends in these women’s lives and their fellow classmates minds as a continuously looped reel of film that will forever play. No matter what adversity in life they face or obstacle is set before them. They will always have this in mind. Let me explain how important this is. 

A book author I enjoy greatly once was asked how do y’all write a novel. His response is to first write your first bad novel. And yes, the first one will suck. Just know that. But finish it anyway. Then put it away and start your second novel which will hopefully be better. Maybe not by much, but it must also be written. That first one? Forget sending it to publishers or sharing it or whatever. Just put it away. It’s not good. So why write it at all? Because when you become frustrated with later projects by writers block, life, family, bills, regular jobs, and more, and then you are ready to throw your hands up and scream “I GIVE UP!”… It is then you pull out that book you finished and remind yourself that you can do this. You’ve done it before. You can do it now. You need to see that it is possible. That this pause in your creative process is only temporary and you will finish the race. 

It is for this reason that these women who have never seen defeat will conquer anything before them in their chosen careers and lives. Because they’ve done it before. Not just once. But four times. They know what they can do. And they know how to do it as a team. They can look back at their bad books, and know that if they can do that, anything is possible.