Where is the Lone Ranger?

Few are aware that there was a Lone Ranger before the recent movies portrayal of the historical figure. I say historical because the “character” and character of the Lone Ranger was not a fictional person of the thrilling days of yesteryear. The real Lone Ranger was actually inspired by the actions of an Oklahoma lawman responsible for well over 2000 and perhaps as many as 3000 arrests; a black man named Bass Reeves. As for the fictionalized “character”, played by Clayton Moore and John Hart among others the ethos of the Lone Rangerr became legend. 

Interestingly, my thoughts return to him as I look at this presidential election year. I am reminded of the strict code of ethics so integrated with the character, that even the actors attempted to live out the ethos and conduct themselves as nothing less than his characters character. Including among others that life is sacred, hence the use of very costly silver bullets rather than cheap lead. That all men are truly created equal and that all have within himself the ability to live up to Gods intended designs. Sometimes it’s up to us as the children of God to help bring out the goodness within our fellow man. We should fight the good fight, not because it can be won, but because it is the right thing to do. 

But I see these many politicians running for office doing all manner of thing and saying anything bombastic to make headlines and remain in the public eye, but very little if anything to serve the better nature of man. I am not expecting these would be presidents to adopt the ethics and modus operandi of the Lone Ranger, but perhaps I am saddened to realize that I can’t expect it even if I should. The system of politics I live in is burdened by policy all action groups, lobbyists and campaign monies that would sway even the most stalwart of Americans. There may well be good if not great politicians out there, but the mud slinging and hatred and sheer vitriol carelessly thrown at one another is indicative of the way they view their fellow American too. If you are willing to demonizes and denigrate the caharacter of your opponent to win a seat of power, what will you do to is not competing with you? In other words, if you are willing to strike blows on the mighty what more will you do to the weak? The mighty can strike back and you risk injure and you strike anyway. But the weak, what can they do?

God looks at us and I have to believe he shakes his great head in disgust at how we treat one another. Did he not say love ye one another as I have loved you? Treat one another as you would be treated? Brothers, dwell together in unity? 

Where is the Lone Ranger in that? 


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