every home has a ghost. Even new ones. The trick is to see your ghost before you hear it. That’s the hard part because a ghost never wants to be seen. So hearing one is usually how you find them first. The creak in the floor when none are home. The thump on the wall where not a soul lives. The cool breeze on bare skin where no window is open. 

But once heard you will never see it. That’s just the way it is. 

They don’t mean to be so mysterious. It’s the rules they must abide by. This means that if you really want to see a ghost, you must use your eyes very carefully. It’s like you aren’t looking for one, but see it just the same. That blurry shape in the corner of your eye. The mote you glimpse floating and you dismiss it as dust. Or the shadow on the floor you swear moved but upon closer examination is just dog hair. Except you don’t have a dog…