A friend of mine recently said that a choice had to be made. A choice to be their friend or respect their daughters wishes. Honestly I never thought I could be a distraction between family. 

 The family’s of today are beset on all sides by so many things. Media influence; Social and print. Work obligations. Political pressures. So many things demanding attention and time. I am highly cognizant of how outside things can be hurtful to those we love. But when my friend said to me that I needed to help them make the difficult choice I told them that there really is not a choice to be made. Choose family and I’ll go. 

Family is not who we choose to be with. They didn’t choose us either. But they are a blessing by God. Family is that which first teaches us to recognize the humanity in others and love them anyhow. To see past the sideways thinking and odd habits and see another sentient for who he or she is. A human being that is a creation of God. And as such should be honored. 

This question is one that was given me in highschool too. I had a young love then with a young girl who was told she could not be with me because I had more melanin in my skin than she. She was given the choice to choose family or the streets. I of course honored her choice. But what a choice she had to make and such a harsh reality at such a tender age. 

I pray that in your life you never witness the heartache that choosing between family and someone else can bring. But if you do, pray about it. Seek God and His divine inspiration for what path to choose. 

I chose to step away. I will not compete. In the end I am only a wisp of wind that is here today gone tomorrow, as compared to family. 


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