I’ve always been a fan of warm weather. The heat of the morning has always greeted me with the best the sun has to offer and I’ve never refused her glow. The way the sun and I have gotten along with each other is and always has been legendary.

So it comes as no surprise that when I sat here in a countryside town in northern Massachusetts I was shocked to realize I was finally about to see the sun set. Not the sunset. The sun >pause< set. I've literally never watched the sun go down into the horizon before.

Let me tell you.

The yellows and reds blended into an awe inspiring conglomerate of bright summer days with friends and cool drinks mixed with long, bright winter afternoons spent on four season porches holding steaming mugs of joy. There's no compare to the feeling of a power only the sun can possess. The raw energy I drank in from the sun as she went from a distant and ever present orb to the hills and mountains oh so far away was like a delicious dessert after a satisfying meal.

Then before I was ready the mountains reached up and grasped the sun and wouldn't let go. I witnessed the eternal might of the earth grasp the ceaseless power of the sun and they wrestled. And tussled. And grappled. And finally, the earth won. Pulling and tugging in their own way, the hills helped the earth softly drift down. Slowly the weakening sun dropped lower and in so doing, the sun, once a great sphere of life, became a half deflated ball of waning strength. My source of early waking hours and too early ended nights was losing the battle. And losing her shape in the process.

Lower she dropped. Becoming a mere sliver of her former glory. And all too soon the sun was as a discarded fingernail clipping. Thin and forlorn.

I saw my sun become thinner and thinner until, quite suddenly, she was gone. I knew it would happen. It is inevitable. It happens literally every day. But that didn't change the fact that when she went away I was sad. And yet…. I was happy too. I was not sure why at the time. But I am now.

Because no matter how many times my sun has gone down, she always comes back again. So my chance to say hello and my privilege to say goodbye will come again.



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