Which way is north?

Many years ago, my great great grandfather and those he knew were part of a great underclass known in America as a slave. Because he bore that moniker along with untold thousands of others he was part of a groupthink that desired to return home. Home to things that are familiar. Home to a place where someone might be not only glad to see him but know his name. And how to speak it.

He wanted to go away from places where people were uninterested in his welfare beyond his ability to continue to profitable to the investors and consumers at the doors of his owner. He wanted to be recognized as a man.
But that wasn’t going to happen where he was. In fact he was little better than a prophet in his own land. My biblical scholars will know from whence that comes. So I think to myself. What could a man who is not recognized as a man, disrespected as a human and not appreciated where he is, do?

He could leave.

But go where? Where could he go and be all God intends? There are rumors, he might have posited, of a better opportunity far from there. And that fairway place was called collectively: north.

Now that is a long way to go to ask myself that same question today. If I am not in a place that is where I am appreciated and possibly not even recognized for my humanity, then where should I go? North? No, at least not physically. I already live farther north than I care to admit. So I turn my thinking allegorically. Metaphorically.

On a level that passes the physical and achieves the spiritual I should go north too.

North for my ancestor would’ve been the literal north. But for me and anyone who is looking to change their stars should think about going ‘north’.

For me north became very alluring when I was experiencing pure greed wrapped up in the cloak of hate. And that figure stood on the other side of a pizza store counter. That person impacted my life in such a powerful way that I am to this day both thankful and also embittered by them. Embittered because I should never have had to face such a caricature of something for nothing. Thankful because i was thrust into the world many already knew all too well. The world of self discovery. Self questioning. Who am I?

To that, I have found answers. But I also still have questions. I shan’t explore them here now. Suffice it to say that I am enjoying the journey and have mo regrets and have never looked back.


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